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Irrationalism, Imperialism, & Elitism

Imperialism through militarism appears through Johnnie’s musing of population and resource control. He simply states that if the human race did not expand and force out weaker opponents then it would be preparing itself for destruction. A belief commonly held by fascists pertains to the conquest over inferior people, or species in Starship Troopers. Simply, conquest and expansion are necessary for the advancement of their own group, which will and should subjugate inferior forces. In many ways, it resembles a nationalism charged from the concept of Social Darwinism. Although fascists believe that they are superior to all other opponents or entities, they restrict this superiority to members that reside within and support the group.

The power of governing, law making, and even voting is concentrated in the hands of a small tier of elites who have already proved themselves to act without question for the good of the whole. In an article outlining the basic beliefs and practices of Fascism, Ball and Dagger cite this distribution of power as necessary to ensure that the vast majority remains as ignorant and powerless as the leading elite require them to be. In Starship Troopers, for instance, only those who have served in the military are allowed to vote once their years of service are completed. This is because it is commonly believed, and enforced, that only people who give back to their country should be allowed to contribute to the more important decisions.

"Maybe they'll be able to do without us someday…I wouldn't know…I'm an M.I…. Maybe someday they'll get everything nice and tidy… but again, I wouldn't know… I'm an M.I. When the government sends me, I go." (100)

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